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Games We Play

The "Signature" Game to be played at the AdrenaLANrush - Most of our tourneys consist of UT2k4

Always a great party game - this mod for BF1942 is best played in a crowd!

Great Graphics, Sound, and Kickass gameplay make this a recent fav.

Do you have the guts to fight the axis of evil? Chances are, you'll get shot reloading anyways.

One of the best games for large groups, this one has been with us for a few parties ;-)

The NKOTB for massive multiplayer - kickin it 'nam style!

Um... Do we really need to explain this one?

Hope your system has some beef to play this game - course, who doesent like seeing every blade of grass?

The XBOX phenomenon comes to lanparties - and everyone sings "Hail to the MasterCheif..."

Hailed as the Grandaddy of all lan games... well, actually that was Q1 - this must be 3 times better!

Red Faction has been played at the AdrenaLANrush thanks to Killswitch who somehow got everyoen to play once. I got carpal tunnel.

Not just Geed's favorite, but a hell of a good time after a few margaritas! - oops, that's playing from home of course!

ROGER ROGER - we got battlefront! When you need a break from reality, MMFPS style!

Just so you think we don't just play FPS games all the time - well, most of the time. We do attract a crowd of RTS gamers and WC3 is played among others.