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May 1 , 2004 @ Tabernacle

Article by: Myth

When Kung Fu/ Ninja's meet computer gaming you get one amazing LAN! We had the most hardcore gamers in NewEngland come to Lanzilla. We had an abundance of Chinese food. We had some tight competition during UT2K4 tournaments! Nemi_NIN was destroying in UT2K4 all day until the tourny, then System destroyed everyone. Next tourny Breadman pulled off a close one. Of course the big story of the day was the lack of frags brought by Evolution and DJ. With the amount of junk they talked on the messageboard, they fell short in "BRINGING IT". The truth is no matter what everyone mentioned that they had a blast and thought that LANZILLA was one of the best Lan's in New England, and all are looking forward to the next AdrenaLANrush party.

Article By: DocFav

LANZILLA came May 1st and was a great success. 28 gamers showed up and loved the "Kung-Fu" themed LAN.
Chinese Super Ninjas was the hit movie of the day.
Gaming went without a hitch as power and network connectivity was great. We had 3 tournaments (2 DM's and 1 onsloght) in UT2K4. System won the 1st DM with Ruchee coming in 2nd. The 2nd DM was won by Breadman and Ruchee again finished in the 2 hole. We then split up the room into 2 teams for a 12 on 12 Onsloght match. Winners got a Corsair mousepad and AdrenaLANrush 80mm fan grill. check out the pics of the winners from the raffle and the tournaments below:

Next AdrenaLANrush will deffinatly be "BadAss".

last updated May 14, 2004



Prize-Winner Pics:




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