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Feb 7, 2004 @ Toad's Office


Pack it up, Pack it in, Let us begin - we came to win - kick the server in the shins! Another great party, this time with a full house! Everything went really smooth with the exception of some server trouble early on. We've figured out how to solve that problem... Get new servers!!! We'll be running a DHCP server for the next lan instead of just a router. Special thanks go out to LoneStar and JesusBlacklock for all their help on the data end of things, Geed for the generous prize donations, The setup crew on friday nite, and finally everyone who came and made the event extra-ordinary! With the ACTUAL arrival of UT2K4 within the next month, our next event is sure to kick it up a notch!

Extra Kudos to the guys who traveled more than an hour to lan with us - you're wicked rad!

I haven't felt especially funny the past few days, but some of these pics don't require captions! Let us know your thoughts on the messageboard!

Peace & Game on!

updated 02.11.04

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